On line, Goethe Institut, MNAC courtyard, Creat Gallery

The 9th edition of the Bucharest Biennale, scheduled for May 28 – July 04, 2020, has been postponed in its original planned form due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The symposium and workshops program can be finded on www.oncurating.org and exhibition.school.


The trajectory of the 9th Bucharest Biennale will ultimately culminate in a series of keynote presentations (a.o. Tiong Ang & Company’s project „The Second Hands“, Claudia Brăileanu’s project „Seamless Affinities“, and Gustafsson & Haapoja’s project „Becoming“) that will take place in the spring of 2021.


We will update you with more details soon.

Beral Madra & Răzvan Ion, the curators of Bucharest Biennale - Bucharest International Biennial of Contemporary Art - decided to work with 3 venues and one artwork in public space in Bucharest.

“On the model of other great biennials we decided in more minimalist aproach. One private gallery - Mobius-, one independent art center MORA -, one artist-run space - Atelier030202-, one public intervention, a correct number of artists and extremely powerful concepts. On our idea of cooperation and collaboration we decided to work with this type of venues. “Edit Your Future”, the concept of BB8 will be like essence in a small jar and the route of the biennial will become a visiting path of the eclectic areas of Bucharest.”, says the curators.For visiting the venues please use our partners Google and Apple maps. All the venues are walking distance downtown Bucharest.

[mpc_map disable_auto_zoom=”true” disable_scroll_wheel=”true” zoom=”14″ disable_auto_location=”true” location=”Universitatea, Bucuresti, Romania” style=”cool_grey” height=”550″][mpc_marker icon=”73047″ location=”Str. Sf. Vineri 11, Bucharest, Romania”][mpc_marker icon=”73071″ location=”Str. D. I. Mendeleev 2, Bucharest, Romania”][mpc_marker icon=”73072″ location=”Bd. Regina Elisabeta 30, Bucharest, Romania”][mpc_marker icon=”73073″ location=”Splaiul Independentei 4, Bucharest, Romania”][/mpc_map]

Atelier 030202

Str. Sf. Vineri 11

Mobius Gallery

Str. D. I. Mendeleev 2

Mora Art Center

Bd. Regina Elisabeta nr. 30
Mora Art Center is an independent art space

Public Space/Dâmbovița River

In the Dâmbovița River
(near Splaiul Independenței nr. 4)