Press & Professionals Accreditation

Applications for press and professionals are not requiered this edition. The admission is free.

Although, you need to pick up your pass from the info point. The visiting pass will grant free entry to all events/spaces and access to the opening party.

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Media Requests/Images

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Opening Days (work-in-progress)

INFO Point BB10, Cafe & Meeting PointArtHub, Str. Gen. Budișteanu nr. 10

May 26, 2022

Press conference & coffee
Participants: Eugen Rădescu (director Bucharest Biennale 10), Răzvan Ion (founder Deraffe Wien & A.I. Jarvis), Răzvan Ionescu (Architect of A.I. Jarvis and CTO/acting CEO of Deraffe Wien), Adrian Săveanu (brand manager George) & all the artists of BB10.
Supported by Illy Caffe.
Apollo Theater, Str. Actor Ion Brezoianu 23-25

Opening BB10. Bucharest Biennale 10 venues will be open for visits to the press and professionals.

BB10 Official Opening Party
Curated and played by the director of BB10, Eugen Rădescu
Control Club, Str. Constantin Mille 4

May 27, 2022

„Everybody Deserves to Challenge Pop Culture“
Artists – Curator debate.
Moderated by Răzvan Ion (A) with A.I. Jarvis (A).
Participants: Eugen Rădescu (director BB10), Răzvan Ionescu (CTO Deaffe Vienna & architect of A.I. JARVIS) and the artists of BB10: Cătălin Burcea (RO), Andreea Chirică (RO), Sergiu Diță & Anca Stoica (RO), Dejan Kaludjerović (A/SRB), Bogdan Matei (RO), Ryts Monet (A/IT), Andreea Medar & Mălina Ionescu (RO), Yoshinori Niwa (A/JPN), Josef Polleross (A), Carlo Zappella (A).
ArtHub, Str. Gen. Budișteanu nr. 10

„Pop Recycling Body Work“
Sergiu Diță (RO) & Anca Stoica (RO)
The performance is based on the statement “All current art is fake” by artist Elaine Sturtevant from the work “Shifting Mental Structures”. The performance explores the phenomenon of recycling, intersection, and copying found in art. It addresses the question of authenticity and inspiration, drawing attention to the line between theft and transformation.
ArHub Garden, Str. Gen. Budișteanu nr. 10

Dirty Disco by A.I. Jarvis
A party curated by A.I. Jarvis curator BB10 and played by Eugen Rădescu.
Apollo Bar & Theater, Str. Actor Ion Brezoianu 23-25