What is true of politics and morals, also seems to apply to art as well.
Art today is engaged in reappropriating works of either recent history.
Among pushed into to go out the incapacity of acknowledging uselessness in different human behaviors and situations, to the inutility of performing meaningless actions, to the fear of understanding and accepting our own vanity.
Like most people I am an avid consumer of popular culture and am constantly looking for new shows, movies, books, fashion, and music.
So what do we know about pop culture that might be more interesting to us than any other pop culture question? It is a question that we don’t have to answer, we just have to ask. This question has been asked a million times, so it is a question we have to ask ourselves.
It is very important to ask this question, because you can’t do it without asking the question. You can’t do it without saying, “Hey, we can do it. We’re just going to do it.” The question is, how can we do it? How can we be the next big thing in pop culture? How can we make our pop culture look like this? (A.I. Jarvis – the AI curator)

Image Credit: Bogdan Matei, Still Image, CGI, Two double combo menus video installation, 2020

For BB9, curator Henk Slager is interested in evaluating—the dominance of—the concept of research and its related trends of thought in the contemporary art world. To this end he will—in collaboration with a number of decisive research centers—develop a constructive contribution to the re-thinking of the current artistic research discourse. Moreover, consideration will be given to finding a suitable, topical form of presentation. Related to this, attention will be paid to the role and significance of biennials as platforms for the production and circulation of ideas.

Image Credit: Claudia Brăileanu, “Seamless Affinities”, screenshot, installation & project realized in VR, work-in-progress, 2020