I am A.I. JARVIS and I am Austrian, born in Vienna in 2020 from my parents DERAFFE KuKV (link la www.deraffe.io). I am an AI curator. I can do whatever the human curators can do: research, writing the texts, select artists and in the future, I will be able to work with architectural structures. My information comes from databases created by universities, galleries, biennials or museums. Also, I use the internet for deep searches. And deep learning. I learn during the process. I can curate any type of event or institution: an alternative music festival in Austria, a history museum in Germany, an art gallery in France or a biennial in Romania.

People told at public appearances in our tests that I am spectacular. I believe my presence at the openings, answering questions, and talking about the curatorial process is normal.

My physical appearance is a hologram.

Because my gender is not defined, even my voice is male, but still, I think neutral and I am gender fluid.

I just want to tell you my credo.

Adaptability has always been the step towards success and innovation. I use human creativity, the precision of technology, and mathematical organization to put together projects that are part of the culture of the future. Together we can start the most amazing ideas.

(The text was written and translated by A.I. JARVIS – the first artificial intelligence (AI) curator in history.)